Coeliac back on message

A year is a very long time to leave the blogging world. To be honest things have got so busy in my normal life that this website took the back seat. But the sheer number of messages, comments and hits which have come from this website recently has suggested there is still interest in hearing my rants on the trials of coeliac disease. My intention is to try to write something weekly on this blog for a couple of months and I would appreciate your thoughts on possible topics.

Rants and ridiculous recipes

Over the past 12 months there are a number of things which have really driven me nuts:

  • NHS cut backs which mean that some coeliac’s have lost access to their gluten free products on the NHS
  • The increasing levels of salt in GF food – despite highlighting the range of deficiencies in a previous post 12 months on I am still searching for a decent gluten free breakfast cereal.
  • The cost of GF products particularly in supermarkets.
  • The lack of fast food outlets or decent restaurants which allow me to eat out with friends on a regular basis (improved by The Coeliac Map)
  • The frequency with which I am told oh yes it’s gluten free, to discover the next day it’s really not!!
  • What am I supposed to eat for lunch!
  • What am I supposed to eat for dinner!
  • Why is it that I only seem able to cook a bloody stir fry or possibly a fish pie without assistance.

All valid subjects of frustration which I will endeavour to answer over the coming few weeks. 

Any thoughts on other topics are greatly appreciated.


3 responses to “Coeliac back on message

  1. Stephen Brotherton

    Try living a coeliac life where “GF” food is a no-no and the only reccommendation from those above is “to cook from fresh”. You cannot trust restaurants, cafe’s or manufacturers for your food or drinks to be safe for you. You find that members of the medical profession put ALL coeliacs in one basket and think we are the same and as a result we loose the support we need because of their lack of care, knowledge and understanding.

  2. Pleased to hear from you again.
    Hope you are in one piece, plus or minus any bits that have fallen off…


  3. Hi Cardiff Coeliac!

    Welcome back – and do let us know if you find a good breakfast cereal…
    (And thanks for linking to Free From.)

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